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About Us

Our system is cloud-based, fully interactive, and almost paperless. All HSE requirements and actions are addressed in the system, by way of quick and easy steps ensuring involvement by all employees.

Purpose of an HSE System

A Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) is designed specifically for any size employer, to help employers achieve organizational health and safety to an extremely high level with minimum effort. If used correctly, it will ensure high levels of legal compliance, and full alignment with OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45000).

An HSMS System requires a company to ensure legal compliance in various types of activities which can take place in the workplace. We address all the categories in line with the OHS Act.

Always a step-ahead

The system grows on a daily basis, we are constantly rethinking and adding new functions to help companies carry out HSE and related tasks with more efficiency and precision.

Our commitment to you is that if a tool or work-flow can be used by everyone on the system then it would be created at no cost. Plug-ins can also be quoted for and implemented into your system.

Our Philosophy

The bottom line is,
Affordability is Key!

Schorne Darlow
Schorne Darlow
Voted in Top 10 Safety Systems in the world for 2017.

Todays tallies since 2015

Pro-forma Templates
Registered Members
Activities Tracked
Checklists Answered
Non-Conformances Found

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Our Team

We are a team of highly effective and capable people, who collaborate and immerse ourselves in Health & Safety.

Mark van den Bergh

Mark van den Bergh


Mark has been involved in building systems, websites and lightweight code alternatives in ensuring precise data control and streamlined functionality. He brings over 11 years of experience to the team in development, design and process planning, with a background in corporate business and a fire pool of experience within small to large businesses.

Schorne Darlow

Schorne Darlow


Schorne has over 31 years of experience in Health and Safety including the roles of Deputy Director for the Department of Labour in South Africa, Senior HSE Manager in Botswana and the Middle East, together with his involvement in the drafting of much of South Africa’s current Health and Safety legislative framework, his expertise in the industry is second to none. Schorne does training, develops, and implements effective Health and Safety systems.

Wilma Janse van Vuuren

Wilma Janse van Vuuren


Wilma has over 22 years experience in Marketing and Sales. She is a go getter, strong in strategic planning, setting up workplace systems, customer satisfaction and reaching the goal. Wilma not only organises all the Safety Training, but works directly with the HWSETA to ensure compliance. If you are looking for a system, or training she is the person to get in contact with.


Client Liason Officer
























Consultant & Trainer


Contracts Manager








Developer & Trainer


Financial Administrator
I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster
carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison. Steve Jobs, late chairman of Apple (1997)

HSMS Features

Closing the loop, effectively.

As stated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, your safety system needs to provide for the health and safety of persons at work against hazards in connection with the activities of persons at work.
To ensure this; the system assists in identifying safety issues, allowing for the removal, reduction and control to ensure a safer workplace. It encourages involvement by all employees.

47 Appointments

All pro forma appointments provided allowing for quick and easy completion of appointments linked to reminders to ensure they do not expire resulting in breach of legislation.

42 Checklists

Essential for the identification of shortfalls in the workplace and to allow for easy management of the shortfalls via status reports. And you can build your own.


Employees profile is continuously updated into the system and allocated according to safety requirements, this allows for easy management of notifications and task.

HSE Meetings

Agenda and minutes are automatically generated in the system and linked to inspections and incident reports as well as audits allowing for quick and easy management.

Incident Management

Here incidents are managed from the reporting stage to completion of the relevant investigation as well as all statistical management inclusive of graphs and charts.


The inventory allows for compliance with OHSAS 18001 and also effectively lists all equipment and machinery for effective control purposes such as tests and inspections.


Notify informs the relevant role players of tasks that have been completed and also 60+ actions occurring within the system.

PPE Management

This allows for the effective management of PPE at the workplace from identification, issue and reconciliation. Reduces abuse and results in cost savings.

36 Registers

To allow for the confirmation of specific items at the workplace, their validity and also the transfer of the relevant information to all role players.

Risk Management

This allows for the identification and evaluation of risks at the workplace and the development of Safe Working Procedures (SWP’s) and Planned Task Observations (PTO’s) allowing for effective management of hazards.

Status Report

Status report allows for management of all shortfalls allowing for closing of the loop and effective management of non-conformance. Shortfalls can be managed via progress reports. Status Reports are built around Checklist, AdHoc Hazard, Contractor, Risks, SWP Changes and Quality Non-Conformances.

Task Manager

Tasks will be allocated in terms of safety requirements to ensure that full closure of the loop. Tasks include safety requirements requiring completion.



See some of our Clients below, get in touch with them to see how it is going in their operation..

The Safety System

Companies that use Safety 360

Above Ground PTY LTD
Altech Radio Holdings
AVK Holding SA
Gauteng Metal Recyclers
JCS Construction
Jordaan Vendor Solutions
Kungwini Welfare
LogicTrials SA
Lothlorien Recycling
Lothlorien Waste
Luzana Training Academy
Milnir Trading
Nova Care
Pencil Construction
Pro Vision
Soft Link

Our Pricing

No major initial financial outlay, only R 3500.00 plus an annual license fee per user. Costings will be confirmed in a quote.
*All prices are specifically calculated for the South African market.

  • Small Company

    R 3150.00 per year
    • 5 Employees
    • Unlimited Operational Areas
    • Access to all System Features
    • + R 3500.00 once-off setup cost
    • + R 5000.00 once-off training cost
  • Large Organisation

    R 16 100.00 per year
    • 80 Employees
    • Unlimited Operational Areas
    • Access to all System Features
    • + R 3500.00 once-off setup cost
    • + R 5000.00 once-off training cost
  • Bulk Pricing

    Employees per year
    • 1 - 10: R 3150.00
    • Additional Employees
      R 185.00 /employee
    • Any type of User Profile
    • Access to all System Features
    • get in touch for a quote...
  • White Label

    R 12 500.00 per 10 Clients /year
    • 1 User
    • Unlimited Operational Areas
    • Access to all System Features
    • Re-brand & Customize the System
    • + R 3500.00 setup cost per client
    • + R 5000.00 once-off training cost

Yearly User License

Costings will be confirmed in a quote, and discussions for your Organizational specific needs can be established.
*All prices are specifically calculated for the South African market.

  • Health & Safety Manager

    Control User
    • Setup and Control the System
    • Manage Users, Employees, Areas and all Dropdowns
    • Access into all Operational Status Reports
  • Independent Area Manager

    Standard User
    • Control all Health & Safety issues
    • Feature Management
    • Assign Tasks
    • Access into specific Operational Status Reports
  • HSE Rep

    Input User
    • Ad Hoc Hazard Reporting
    • Checklist Inspections
    • Incident Reporting
    • Inventory Control
    • PTO Facilitation
    • Risk Assessments
    • and so much more...
  • Senior Exco & Other

    Read-only / Read+
    • Access Documents
    • Assign tasks and input actions into Status Report and Incident (R+)


Plugins form part of our dedicated effort to bring new features into the system, they are not necessarily Health and Safety related.
*All prices are specifically calculated for the South African market, should a plugin be purchased there is a once-off cost and small yearly fee.

  • Contractor Management

    R 15 000.00 once-off + 10% / year
    • Approved Contractor List
    • Permit to Work
    • Requirements Register
    • Checklists
    • Assessing of risk contractors
    • Automatic reminders (WCL, Public Liability)
    • QR Code contractor management
  • Auditor

    R 10 500.00 once-off + 10% / year
    • OHS Act Legal Compliance
    • OHSAS 18001
    • ISO 9001
    • Safety 360 Implementation Audit
    • Other packages as and when necessary
    • Automatic reports, with graphing
  • Quality & In-touch

    R 27 500.00 once-off + 10% / year
    • Process flows
    • Document Control
    • Specific registers
    • In-touch allows your customers to interact with staff members and keeping customers informed and in the loop.
    • *more to be announced
  • Environmental

    R 27 500.00 once-off + 10% / year
    • Waste Management
    • Checklists
    • Specific registers
    • *additional client requirements

Business Plugins

  • Projects

    R 45 000.00 once-off + 10% / year
    • Create Job Cards
    • Assign Responsibility
    • Real-time Management
    • Track Progress
    • Auto Safety File Generation
  • Project Monitor

    R 4500.00 once-off + 10% / year
    • Identify Activities
    • Track Progress
    • Export executive summary
    • Auto Safety File Generation
  • Live Chat

    R 5.00/employee per year
    • Chat with the technical team
    • Real-time Response
  • Engage

    R 32 000.00 once-off + 10% / year
    • Include a Gamification mechanism, that will reward staff with a currency
    • Track People and Tasks, and award points
    • Increase Productivity while ensuring high levels of compliance
    • Our core belief is to enable a 'More Model' where employees Learn, Do, Achieve and ultimately Engage More.
  • Sync your Data

    R 6500.00 once-off
    • Safety 360 has an API to bring in Data from your own cloud-based infrastructure
    • Safety 360 can link into your cloud-based infrastructure
  • Is Something Missing?

    • Get in touch and we can add more functionality for your system

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Our offices are in Johannesburg,
Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.

+27 12 335 8995 (Sales Team)
+27 82 335 6094 (Wilma, Head of Sales)
+27 79 905 4027 (Schorne Darlow)